Our Team

Mwaffak Chikhali (Dr.)

- National Expert of Biodiversity. - Extensive experience in formulating policies and strategies of evaluating biodiversity conservation and natural resources management projects. - Proficiency in providing technical leadership in planning, management, and implementation of biodiversity conservation and management activities. - Member of Arab Scientists Association (NGO), (Syria). - Principal knowledge in analysis and assessment of country development issues and public management policies in areas of human development and environment; - Good skills in development and allocation of human resources and training;

Yasmine Alewi (Dr.)

Dr. Yasmine Alewi, is a lecturer at second faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University. She holds a Ph. D. from Damascus University in 2018 specialist in weeeds and weeds control.

Mohammed Hadi Makhlouf (Dr.)

Doctor of philosophy in Ecology and plant taxonomy, Tishreen University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Botany 2011. Tishreen – Syria. Master degree in Biological sciences, Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Jordon, 2005. Amman – Jordon. Associate professor, Botany department, Faculty of Sciences, Tripoli University since 2005 till

Wafa Adel Alhalabi (Dr.)

Dr. Al-Halabi works for São Paulo University, fossil preparator and curator, January 2022 – to present; and Liberlab Water Analysis Laboratory, Lab manager. Dr Al-Halabi worked for ELARD, biologist and environmental expert, April 2008 – April 2016.

Zuheir Shater (Dr.)

Ph. D. degree in Ecology and Silviculture from the University of Aix-Marseille (France), and a specialization certificate in Forestry of Hot Regions issued by ENGREF (France). He currently works as a professor in the Department of Forestry and Ecology at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Tishreen University. He teaches several courses in the field of forests, biodiversity, and plant classification at Tishreen University and the Syrian Virtual University. He participated in publishing many researches in the field of biodiversity. He is a member of many advisory committees in the field of biodiversity. Biodiversity expert at the Arab Center (ACSAD) during the period (2009-2021).